Arigo’s Solution

Everything you need
for any workflow
You do the art, leave the rest to us.
AriGo automatic planogram builder will create for you full chain planogram in no time.
You have your corporate business logic but each store has got some specification?
Arigo's AUI module will adjust your Master plangoram to each store uniqueness.
Use Arigo's mobile app to push to the store level the new planograms and let our AI to comply to execution.
Arigo's AI based recomendation platform Aristo, will study your data, analyze, prioritize and recommend what should be done to grow sales and decrease costs.
Master Planogram
Build the most efficient planogram with Arigo’s smart engine.
It takes only few minutes with the most transparent and user friendly process.
Arigo’s master planogram platform is built to build one planogram for all the chain.The master planogram takes into the account all of the different aspects of the chain including buisness logics, hierarchies, operation issues and more.
Auto implementation
Arigo moves the implementation process from the most complicated part to the fastest and easiest part of the process. Aristo is translating the master planogram to each store in your chain and manages it for you.
Aristo is gathering the unique behaviour and particular unique characteristics of each store in your chain.
The AUI module will automatically adopt each planogram and changes in the planogram to each of the specific store.
Feedback is AriGo's iOS and Android mobile app that transfers the changes in the planogram to the store level.
The store employees will picture the shelf after implementing the products and Aristo will comply the execution by image recognition.
Data is everything but it is out there. By using the most cutting edge data science tools, Aristo is to enhance the chain and stores data into a practical recommendations relevant to the shelf management and planograms.
New product
Aristo will recommend to when the best trade off and location for every new product that your CPG had brought to you. You can Aristo for testing new products and location and figure what works best for you.
Out of Shelf
Aristo will notify you every time you have an Out of Shelf scenario and will recommend the relevant action item needed to be done from that scenario in the shelf management
Aristo will define trends in the products hierarchies. Every raising or falling star will be notified and the planogram retlated action item will come straight away!