Why Arigo?

Every retailer know that they need planograms.
We all know that once we implement planograms the sales will increase dramatically and the operation costs will drop down. But, managing the shelf is hard. Very hard.
With Arigo golden cycle you can now manage your shelves no matter how many stores and regardless to the differentiation between them.

It's Easy & fast
You provide the art - Arigo will grow your sales. Arigo is taking care of all the processes needed to be done and making sure you get what you want. Fast.
It's Hermetic
Arigo's Golden Cycle is providing to your chain full process that includes building, implementing, complying and optimization recommendation. Using Arigo's Golden Cycle you know that your shelf are always optimized no matter where and when.
It's Smart
You have a lot of data. Tons of data. Arigo's algorithms will enhance your data seamlessly and will make the most out of it. For you.
It's Connected
Your time is precious. You can spend it on important stuff. Arigo is connected to your data sources (Point of Sales, ERP, PIM and etc...) and make sure that all the information is analyzed, accessed and prepared as a recommendation for implementation.
It's Efficient
delivering streamlined processes and intelligent insights for efficient data analysis and decision-making.
Results Oriented
In Arigo, we believe in planning. It is very important. But the most important thing is that the plan will get results. Arigo's platform is built in order to plan for results and making make ongoing optimization in order to grow your sales and reduce your costs.